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Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Criado por:
Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
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Especificações Especificação técnica Guia de instalação
1 x 70W E27 HSGSA 1 x 70W E27 HSGSA
Ambiente Indoor - Dry Location
Descrição Técnica The Arco lamp has been in continuous production since 1962 and is now considered a design classic. One of the unique features of this design is that every part has a function including the beveled corners (designed not to hurt) and the hole for easier lifting of the base. This modern floor lamp comes with a genuine Carrera marble base that supports a spun aluminum reflector via a curved stainless steel adjustable stem. The height extends to almost 7-feet, allowing placement of a table or a couch underneath. The Arco floor lamp is available in LED or incandescent and provides direct and indirect light. Stainless steel finish. On a side note, this lamp has made its appearance in the entertainment world appearing in the James Bond sequel, "Diamonds Are Forever" and "The Italian Job". Inspiration Behind the Design: The Castiglioni brothers loved to play around with designs that were both technically innovative and visually appealing. Taking inspiration from a mere streetlight, the brothers wanted to create a lamp that people did not have to walk around. For this to work, the base had to be at least two meters away from the actual light. They used commercially available parts and found that curved steel angle iron worked perfectly with their design. They opted for a marble base as a counterweight instead of concrete because the same weight took up less space, and also because they could obtain a better finish for a lower cost.
Características elétricas
Voltagem 120
Características físicas
Alimentação Foot switch on power cord
Materiais Aluminum, Marble, Stainless steel
Peso 140.7 lbs

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